Blessings in Disguise

Its early. Like wicked early. {Ha…my Massachusetts family would be proud of my usage of the word “wicked” ;) Any New Englanders out there?} As I am writing this, its 5:00 am. We’re on vacation…aren’t you supposed to be able to sleep in on vacation? By default?

Not moms. I once heard a funny quote: “How come Target is like a vacation and vacation is like work?” lol — SO true. So far, vacation hasn’t been bad though. Despite my lack of sleep, we’ve been having LOTS of fun!

Is that not like the MOST CUTEST picture of Jael EVER??????

I love that girl!

 I seriously LOVE California. This was my morning this morning…my husband, dad, and brother-in-law left at 4:00 am to go on a deep sea fishing trip all day. Unfortunately, since this house is all wood floors, they were SUPER loud when they left, and I was scared the noise would wake the kids, so my adrenaline was pumping. SO, I’ve been awake since then. I got up at 5:00 am when Elijah started to fuss because he was hungry.

I made a huge pot of coffee, Elijah fell asleep at my side, and the house was quiet. Ahhhh….. ;) Now, everyone is up and the house is filled with chatter and little feet running across the floor. :)

Oh, I love vacation.