Vacation With Littles

We leave for vacation at the end of this week. Our first vacation as a family of four — eeek!

We know the ins & outs of vacationing with kids…We didn’t let the fact that we had Jael get in the way of going to Disneyland when she was four months old and several other vacations since. But now…we have two. Elijah is a month younger than Jael was on our Disneyland trip. So no surprises there. We know what its like to vacation with a baby. And honestly, when we were in Texas and family would visit, it was like a vacation each time. So we sort of know a little bit on vacationing with a toddler.


We have never vacationed with both at once! And I’ll admit, I am a bit nervous! [..bites nails..] But at the same time, I am really excited :) We are going with my mom and dad, both sisters, and my brother-in-law [did I mention my sister married my husband’s brother? ;) eee!] to the beach to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday! Its going to be so special!

But I am curious…how do you travel with little ones? Any tips for me? I know many of you have written blog posts about vacationing with kids, so I am about to jump over to those posts and read up! But let me know, what do you do to make vacation actually restful with kiddos?