To-Do List Left Undone

Its Thursday night. I’m sitting here, trying to think of an idea for tomorrow’s [today] blog post when it hits me…I just sat on the computer from the time my daughter and son were in bed [7:15 pm] until now [10:23 pm]. Hubby will be home from work any minute, and I had 3 1/2 hours of free time to get stuff done. I had LOTS to catch up on — emails, articles, etc. — but I also had a long to-do list of stuff to get accomplished before he got home. I wanted to finish laundry [only one load left to fold..ugh…], start getting stuff ready for vacation next week, exercise, clean up our bedroom, watch a design training video I bought a while ago, and a couple other small things I can’t think of right now.

And as I sit here, minutes ticking away, I realize my hubby will be home very soon…and I didn’t really get anything done! I have probably 15 minutes before he will get here, have to feed my son one more time for the night, and so basically I have no more time left. Do you have moments like this? Time gets away from you and you’re stuck trying to decide what to do next? I know staying up late to get stuff done will bite me in the rear tomorrow morning and saying that I will get up early tomorrow morning to get stuff done will proooobably not happen.

I have to say, being a mommy and balancing being a blogger and web designer is no simple task. Being a mommy and a blogger [a mommy blogger? ;)] are both things I truly love, its just that I find myself having a great idea for a post or something and just not having the time to do it! My next financial goal with blogging and my design studio is to save up enough to buy a new laptop. I have an iMac that I seriously LOVE, but if I had a laptop, I could work on stuff on the go. When Elijah just won’t let me walk more than 2 feet away from him [his eyes are closed and he is “sleeping,” seriously…how does he know to cry when I walk away?? lol] or when Jael insists on watching Tangled in our bed for the jillionth time, I could easily sit and work on design or update stuff on the couch, bed, at my parents’ house while they are watching the kids… ;) Of course, I wouldn’t let the portability of a laptop take away from spending time with the kids, its just hard to sit at a desk when your two year old is in the next room… Is that silence? With a toddler? That can’t be good… ;)

Tell me, friends, I know a lot of you are bloggers…how do you balance blogging and life? Do you write after the kids are in bed? Before they wake? On your cell phone in the bathroom while your tot is banging on the door? ;)


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    I completely understand this. There is always a to-do list and often a lot doesn’t get done.
    I feel like I sit a lot… maybe this has to do with the fact that I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant and doing much hurts! lol I am feeling bad about it today…guilty…because my toddler definitely plays a lot by himself and watches too much tv! Sitting allows for blogging – that’s all I have to say =)