SO excited you’re here!

Like I said on Facebook and Twitter, there has been a lot of prayer going on for this site. After launching erin lauray studio (which got a facelift — already ;)), I felt that I lost my blog. I wanted to have something that I could still post my personal stuff in, the stuff I care about, without feeling like it was inappropriate for the business. Whether that is true or not, I needed to really think about what I wanted…what I truly love doing.

Well, friends, nothing has really changed! I’ve just realized that I have two loves! I LOVE blogging and LOVE design! I didn’t want to toss blogging aside in favor of solely designing and I didn’t want to blog and leave designing behind either. So, I decided to separate the two and join them at the same time.

Confused? Here is what I mean…

By having a site that is blog and a site people can go to see my design work, I can do both separately (as in, I can write a Mommy Diary post without feeling weird about it and share design stuff without feeling like it doesn’t interest anyone)…or I can do them together (say…giveaway?!). Plus, it gives me two places to explore my creativity. :) And that is always fun :) Plus, I will be constantly updating the look of this site, so that is also a creative outlet ;)

So there you go…this blog is just a big mash-up of what my blog was like when I first started blogging, my grace filled blog, and everything else. Its about my faith, family, and our life as we know it. I’ll share stuff on being a mommy, a wife, a Christian, an entrepreneur, and whatever else floats through this crazy brain of mine. Of course, my blog design business won’t change…I still offer services that I love! And you can find that under “blog design” in the menu bar above.

Thank you for stopping by and please don’t forget to subscribe and bookmark erinlauray.com! :)