:: cloth diaper confession ::

Okay, I hate to say this…and I am SUPER embarassed….

I’m going to stop cloth diapering. Yes, it may seem silly to you, but I have made the decision to stop…

When I started this cloth diapering adventure, I was very excited to be saving money on diapers every month and to be honest…it felt good to say that I was cloth diapering. Especially when people gave me a sideways look when I told them. Kinda felt like a challenge. lol

So stupid, right? What pride!

Well, after spending over $200 on everything and trying it, I am just kind of at an end point. Jael (my two year old) has been in cloth for about three months and Elijah (my newborn) for about three weeks.

Please don’t take offense, cloth mamas, but I don’t think its for me. I am experiencing some stuff with my kid’s health that is getting in the way of cloth diapering successfully.

I know it gets better, but I am just done. My daughter will be potty training soon [a little over a month from now after we get back from vacation], so I am thinking that since I will be spending my mula on just one kiddo in diapers, its just not worth it to me to continue. PLUS, my hubby and most of my family just don’t seem to get the hang of getting that cloth piece nice and tight under the cover [no offense, sweet family!!!]…so I end up changing them most of the time…I feel like I am changing diapers non stop!

Plus, with the new discovery of a plastic-eating fungus in the jungles of the Amazon, I don’t have to feel so guilty with adding junk to landfills… ;) [*wink*]

I know there are so many benefits to it and that many of you will say that if I just stick with it, it will get better….especially as our little health issues are resolved. I’m just going to stop though. So if any of you need more of a stash, here is what I am getting rid of and what I will be selling it for. Please email me at erin[at]gracefilledblog[dot]com if you’re interested! The prices do not reflect shipping costs, so please keep that in mind ;)

  • 24 Econobum pre-folds — $2/ea or $20/dz or $35 for all twenty-four
  • 6 Econobum snap diaper covers in white — $6 each or $30 for all six
  • 19 Gerber prefolds — $1/ea or $15 for all nineteen
  • 3 Thirsties diaper covers with hook and loop [velcro] closure in white — $10 each
  • 1 Thirsties diaper cover with hook and loop [velcro] closure in mint green — $10
  • 3 infant size Snappis — $5
  • 1 large Kissaluvs anti-bacterial wet bag for a diaper pail, has an elastic top and is a generous size of 30″x24″ — $10
  • 1 Bum Genius diaper sprayer — original price $45, selling for $30

This all totals $165+, but if you are interested in buying it all from me, I will sell it ALL to you for $150 [plus shipping]!! Its a great setup if you’re looking to start cloth diapering…everything you need!

Please post this to your Facebook accounts, Tweet it, and share it with your friends. Since I can meet locally [Phoenix, AZ] or ship it, really anyone who is interested can benefit from this! :) Plus, if you share with your friends, tell them to let me know that you referred them and I’ll make sure to send you a little something ;)

If you are local, I am also listing it on Craigslist here. :)

Thanks for reading, friends!!

Jael in her Snappy Diaper :)