meal plan – 5/28 to 6/3

I used to share my meal plan for the week here on the blog, but I thought it might bore everyone to hear what we are eating. lol ;) but today marks day one of changing my eating habits back to healthy (pregnancy can turn you into a food junkie!) and starting to work out again. Thanks, doc, for clearing me! :)

So, writing out my meal plan here on the blog today as a sort of accountability for myself and to keep track of all the links to the recipes I’m using :) Hopefully, you can find something here that will suit your needs this week!


Monday: BBQ at parents’ house
Tuesday: Baked chicken, rice, and broccoli
Wednesday: Protein Turkey Bowl
Thursday: Quinoa Salad w/ Toasted Almonds and a baked chicken breast [for hubby ;)]
Friday: Pear and goat cheese salad with sliced turkey breast [inspired by this pin]
Saturday: Protein Turkey Bowl — again ;)
Sunday: Dinner either out or with family


Dried Strawberries
Corn tortilla chips with salsa
baby carrots with ranch

Dessert this week will be my mama’s apple crisp recipe converted to gluten-free :) I’ll share on the blog this week when I make it! :)

I am getting into a rut with my daughter’s meals and snacks again. Feeling so un-creative. [not a word] She eats constantly and always wants snacks, so I want to try and make things that will sustain her appetite a little longer — something like these no bake granola bars or something…

Well, I am off to go grocery shopping! Happy Monday, friends!! And DON’T FORGET! My blog here is moving to WordPress, so please go bookmark so I don’t lose you! Thanks! [Pass it on! :)] And the new site will be launched soon, so check back! :)

Chef in the making!