t-shirt vest

Okay, so I can’t take credit for this one…my mom was like, “Wow! You’re so creative!!” I enjoyed the moment for a few seconds… and then admitted that this was an idea I got from Pinterest. :) Its still cute though! And props to the original creator…you’re so creative! :)

Isn’t that so cool? So, while my daughter was napping yesterday [and she took a 3.5 hour nap! woo!] and my son was sleeping to the sounds of the bathroom fan ;) I sat on the floor of my bedroom and did this. It took me maybe 15 minutes and is SO cute! :)

I think one thing I will do is wash it before wearing it. The cuts were too fresh and the fabric didn’t roll like I wanted it to on the ends. But, I wore it to my brother-in-law’s graduation and got many compliments! :) Yay for repurposing! :)

And I’ll leave you with this cute pic of Elijah smiling ;)

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