instafriday: #1

This is my first time participating in instaFriday over at Life Rearranged, and I am so excited! Remember when you first got your iPhone and you felt all giddy whenever you could use it, found new apps, or could participate in the exclusive club of iPhone users? yeah. thats me ;)
life rearranged
So the idea behind instaFriday is that you just share your iPhone Instagram pics from the week. Fun, right?! And if you’re on Instagram, my username is erinlauray. I’d love to connect with you!! {And you’d get a follow back, of course ;) }
This past weekend was CRAZY…I had my baby shower, my 6 year anniversary, and Mother’s Day! The month of May is so busy for me overall — tonight and tomorrow, my husband and I are participating in a leader training/conference for church, next week and weekend is my brother-in-law’s high school graduation and party and we have a family wedding that weekend too! I’ll be glad when our weekends aren’t totally booked all the time, but its so fun to be out and about doing stuff :)
Last Saturday, my family threw me a baby shower for Elijah. Since I don’t have boy stuff, I was so excited! I got TONS of cutie boy clothes {baby polo shirts make my son look like a little man! ;)} The only thing left that I need to get is a video monitor. Anyone have a specific one you’d recommend? Or an extra one I could have/buy off you? :) Anyway, the shower was a lot of fun. And my talented photog sister made this adorable aviation themed cake for the shower. :) His room is themed aviation, so it was a sweet gesture. It was a butter-cream toffee cake with a cream cheese filling that had Swiss chocolate cookies crumbled in it! It was to DIE for!
Like I said, last Saturday was also our 6 year anniversary, so we went out and had our favorite: SUSHI! When you’re pregnant, you’re not allowed to have sushi, so this was a MAJOR treat for me :)
{And just a side note, when you’ve been with someone so long, it feels like you’ve known them forever…my husband and I have been married 6 years but we’ve actually been together for almost 9!!! wow, how time flies!}
Of course, Sunday was Mother’s Day — here is a pic of me, my mom, my photog sis Amy, and my youngest sis Jessica. There truly aren’t words to express how FUN it is when we’re all together!! And if you throw in the in-law girls {mom and sis}, its a riot! :) I love my family :)
{Another side note — note to self: don’t press chin down towards chest when taking pics…can you say double chin??}
 I also have been aiming to eat healthier lately. When I was pregnant, I stopped eating gluten-free for the most part {I mean, I still did, but not exclusively} and so now I am trying to get back on that train. Hard, but SO worth it!
Here I am eating my FAVORITE greek yogurt with gluten-free cranberry granola and an iced coffee :)
 My fav greek yogurt brand. Yum.
Epic taste? I’d say so.
 I have also been taking walks in the morning when my early bird baby boy wakes up. He starts grunting in his bassinet at about 5:30, so I have been getting up and going walking with him. It’s so nice :) Although, Arizona doesn’t have grace when it comes to mornings; with the coming of the summer, the morning {even that early} will be too hot to take walks anymore. boo.
But still, its always nice to have the sultry dark chocolate voice of Adele as my walking companion ;)
 This week, my daughter has taken a turn for the terror because she has been SUPER testing boundaries. I lost count yesterday of how many times she got a swat on the bottom and/or a time out. This kid is just driving me bonkers. Oi. BUT, it was so refreshing to have a sweet moment with her with these pics. She LOVES to make funny faces and take pictures. :)
And I just love this little face ;) She will get nicer, right???
So that’s my week. :) It was a fun, crazy one and I can truly say I am glad that it is the weekend already. I told my husband last night that as much as I love my kids {to. death.}, I wasn’t ready to go to bed and do it all over again today. Yesterday was so hard! But, life goes on and there are things you just have to do. Even if you don’t want to.
 So today, I will pray to the Lord to give me grace, patience, and His overwhelming peace.
Because when both kids are crying, or the tot wakes the newborn when he’s finally asleep, or I put my girl in time out for the millionth time, I’ve just got to remember to give it over to Him. Because He surely knows, I can’t do it all by myself. ;)