:: OMG ::

Okay, so my husband is the GREATEST!!

Rewind to Wednesday…..

You know that look? The one that says, “I’m up to something?” Yeah, you know that one. Well, my husband likes to exaggerate that look. Times 100. So we were hanging out at my in-laws’ house and he starts looking at me out of the corner of his eye, hiding his phone when he got a text message, and smiling in a mischievous way. Finally, I asked.

“What are you doing?”


“Honey, I know that look. Your nostrils are flaring.”

“No they’re not.” {flares nostrils on purpose}

“Seriously, what are you doing??”

“Making plans.”

“For what?”


“For us?”

“For you.”

After this “conversation” {if you could even call it that}, he wouldn’t answer any more questions. So I sit and wait. Eventually, he will want me to pester him again. He thinks its fun. So he’ll say something that starts the round of questioning again. Oh how I know my hubby ;)

So he says, “You have somewhere to be tomorrow at 1:30.” I ask an endless amount of questions about what I am doing, am I doing it alone, where is it, how long, what to wear, etc. None are answered.

Throughout the day, I ask, but still…nothin.

Come that evening, kids are sleeping, he says, “If I tell you what you’re doing tomorrow, you have to promise you won’t try to talk me out of it.”

What?? I’m confused. So I agree, but he can see the confusion on my face.

“I have arranged for you to go to get a cut and color at your favorite salon.” I’m shocked!! But then it registers…

“Isn’t that going to be expensive? We can’t really afford that right now–“

“I’m using my cash from my birthday I was saving for the iPad.” Instantly I say no and tears start streaming. He goes on: “Honey, I love you and you deserve this. I don’t need an iPad right now. Maybe sometime in the future we can save up, but I want to do this for you because I love you.”

You see, we have been really trying to be frugal {sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t} because we just had a baby and babies are EXPENSIVE and we are also trying to save up for vacation this summer. So, needless to say, there isn’t an extra $100 or so dollars just lying around to spend on things like a cut and color at a great salon. So my husband, being the generous and thoughtful man he is, decided to use some of the money he had received for his birthday {a month ago} to bless me.

It was such a meaningful gift. And I LOVE my hair! haha ;)

Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday and that you have a great weekend!