{{From the Archives}} Just For Fun

Since I am taking a break due to our little nugget arriving, I thought I’d dig into my archives and pull out some of my favorite posts and re-share them. This one isn’t much, but I love it because it was a super fun night ;)


Last Saturday, hubby and I stayed home {like most nights ;) } and had a date-night in. One of the best parts {besides hanging out with my man, of course!} was that this dinner, dessert, and movie night only cost us about $10! Here is the breakdown:

Loaded baked potato soup {I shared the recipe last Friday here}: $6
Hot chocolate and whipped cream: $3
Movie: $1 {I LOVE Redbox!}

The soup was AMAZING….so filling and so hearty. Definitely going to be in my recipe book for good! ;) Hot chocolate is good, but it isn’t complete without whipped cream, right? And, since I am a former Barista {Starbucks, whoop whoop!}, I steamed our milk to make it extra yum-yum. And then we watched Captain America. ;)

The morning that day, when I was picking out my clothes and getting ready, Joseph was sitting on our bed just chatting with me while I did my thing. I joked with him that I loved when he just hung out with me like that…sometimes he stands in the kitchen with me while I make dinner {or sits on the counter and eats bits of ingredients when he thinks I’m not looking ;) } and just talks to me. I love that. So I told him.

“Honey, I love it when you just hang out with me.”

“Me too.” – man of many words…

“Like when you just hang with me in the kitchen, I just like being around you…like all the time.” {smiles}

“Well, the feeling is mutual. I like being around you too. I like you.” {smiles back}

I love my hubby ;) And I love being around him. And he’s my best friend. ;) So, I jokingly replied, “Well, after 8 years of being with you, I’m glad we still like being around each other.” ♥