Easter Fun!

We had so much fun yesterday!! As some of you may know, my doctor pulled a fast one on me last Thursday and informed me that they had changed my due date about a month ago! I guess I was measuring about a week bigger so they changed the due date but “forgot” to tell me. SO, my due date was yesterday. Yes. YESTERDAY.

And still no baby.

Ugh! lol, I know due dates are really guesses and the fact that they changed it shouldn’t change my attitude about everything, but lets just say when I woke up this morning NOT in labor, I was a little sad. ;)

Anyway, Easter yesterday was really fun! We have been trying to kind of change the routine a little with our families…it used to be easy and okay to drive around on the holidays to see everyone, but now that I have a toddler and soon will have a little tiny baby, we want to make holidays more about our personal family and less about driving around everywhere.

So this year, we went to my husband’s family’s dinner (which was DELICIOUS!!) and then invited everyone (including my family) back to our house for an Easter egg hunt and dessert. Next year, we will go to my family’s dinner and then do the same thing for dessert. It was just our way of being “fair” by spending a good amount of time with family and then still giving the opportunity to everyone to see Jael and end the special day with fellowship ;) I really enjoyed yesterday and had sooooo much fun! ;) Here are some pics of our day:

Crocheted Easter Bunnies from Mimi (a great grandma)

Pretty flower hair ;)

A really pretty Mexican-style dress from family for Jael’s birthday

A really cool doll Mimi made for her that turns into a different doll when you flip her skirt inside out!
Its like two dolls in one!

And of course, the Easter egg hunt ;) She was SO meticulous and precise about finding the eggs. She wouldn’t leave an area until she was sure it was empty of eggs!! haha ;)

We just had a great day. Even though I am extremely uncomfortable and didn’t get to eat as much ham as I would have liked, I enjoyed spending time with our families and enjoying our last Easter as a family of three. ;) Hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend and a great Monday! ;)