..stop and smell the roses..

Oh the joy of springtime. This morning, my sweet pea, hubby, and I all slept in until 8am. That was a MIRACLE! haha ;) My husband is an early riser and its really hit or miss with my daughter. Sometimes she sleeps, sometimes she doesn’t. Today, she sleeps.

We all got up and opened curtains and blinds, letting the warm spring sunshine pour in. We sat in our lovely little dining room eating cereal and slurping the milk from our bowls. Then I noticed the bright hues radiating into the window from outside. Pink, orange, yellow, deep purples, white…it was beautiful. I wondered if they bloomed overnight, but I quickly grabbed my gardening gloves and shears and went outside to gather the beauty!!

They filled a large tupperware bowl (I don’t have a short fat vase!) and are simply GORGEOUS! I couldn’t help but share this with you all. :) And I am so excited that I get to enjoy these pretties all the time, since the bushes are right outside my kitchen/dining room window. This is one of my FAVORITE parts of spring here in sunny Arizona ;) The gorgeous plants and flowers take your breath (and nose) away…

What is your favorite part of spring?