Design Inspiration

Hello!! I just thought I’d share some of my design inspiration today as far as colors and blog design goes. You can find a lot of my inspiration on my Pinterest board “Design Inspiration.” :) Sometimes its fun to hear how people do business, and this is how I do it! :) For most of the blogs I’ve designed, I have used Design-Seeds. This site is AWESOME. Whether you’re looking for a color palette for a room, blog, or for some other type of design, this site rocks my socks! I also really like the blog on Photo Card Boutique — they post “Cool Colors Palette” images that are really good too :)
Here are some palettes I have either used or really like:

 These sites are so fun to just browse for amazing inspiration. :)

I also love this site called Pugly Pixel. Weird name, super AMAZING site. :) You can get TONS of stuff there, from inspiration to actual design elements (can you say washi tape??), this site is pretty amazing too. And you can become a member and get cool benefits and perks when you buy graphics and stuff. Love love LOVE.

So there you go! Where do you get your inspiration from?