Jael’s room & stuff…

Okay, so some of you may think I am crazy, but I am already done with Jael’s room!! lol ;) I thought it would take me some time, but after a visit to Target, I found all I needed to whip her room into shape!

Remember the before picture??

So, I bought a small white bookcase ($19.99) and two fabric cubes to hold toys (on sale $11.49 for two). So that’s a little over $30 to get her room the way I wanted it. Here are the pictures of the final product ;)

Don’t you LOVE it?! I do!! It was such a quick project too…I think it took me two hours total. Luckily, yesterday my mother-in-law had Jael for the whole day so I could get stuff done. Otherwise, this would have taken a LOT longer. haha :) Oh and did I mention I LOVE Target?!?!?! They are having a buy one get one 50% off home decor sale. So because I got the bookcase for Jael’s room, I got a spring wreath for my front door for 50% off. ;)

Yay! So pretty :) And I also got some Command refill strips for the Command hooks I already have…found a package of 12 on clearance for $1 so I bought three! Yay again! ;) I could seriously go to Target every day and come out with something new that I am in love with, lol ;) When we lived in Texas, that was our weekend “thing.” We always took a trip to Target on Saturday mornings just for fun!
Anyway, there is my sweet pea’s room. :) I’m thinking the nursery will be partially done sometime next week, so I will post on that soon. My room…not sure when I will pick up the headboard, but that will be a constant work in progress ;) I’m not sure what artwork I would like in there and we need nightstands tall enough for our bed (which cost money…which I don’t have too much of since I have to pay for a baby and all ;)…so we’ll see how long that one takes ;) I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!!