yellow…or blue…or green…or???

Yesterday, I told you about our wonderful opportunity to move into a beautiful rental home :) I am seriously so excited. Today, I need to enlist your help! In the home, all the rooms are painted…each a color that compliments the decor we already have…except one room.

The Kitchen.

The kitchen is all white, hollow-sounding due to the tile floor, and pretty plain. Which presents a wonderful opportunity to make it mine! ;) Right now, our kitchen “decor” consists of our dishes. We literally have no other color palette to work off of — which is a good thing, and our dishes match almost every color of the rainbow.

SO, I want to ask you, what do your favorite kitchens look like? Obviously, I’m workin on a very small budget, but I would like to have some inspiration from you all out there (yes, I almost said y’all). I am thinking the color of the walls (or an accent wall) would be the easiest change. Maybe some sort of aqua blue. But I also like bright and fun and out-of-the-ordinary colors like lime green, burnt orange, or purple or something.

What do you think? Here are some of my ideas via the lovely Pinterest (which I have to admit, sucked me into browsing a bunch of other stuff before I actually got back “on topic” and searched

Lime <3

Source: via Chayla on Pinterest

Yellow <3 and wall paper <3

LURVE this color…

Source: via Shelley on Pinterest

Love the idea of a painted pantry door ;)

I know this is a laundry room, but the COLOR! LOVE!

So there you have it…help a sister out! What are your thoughts? What are some ways you’ve made your apartment or rental house feel like your home?