styling your jeans

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With baby #2 on the way, its getting harder and harder and harder to style outfits. I never made a huge investment in maternity clothing, so I have some jeans and some tops. Most of the time, its more swapping out a shirt and wearing the same few pairs of jeans each day. But as I thought about it, pre-pregnancy #2, I did the same thing! Using a few simple clothing items, I would style my outfits usually like this:

Simple top, jeans, and accessories. My favorite thing about wearing jeans is that they are very versatile! They can be worn casual or dressed up. Here is a photo of Christmas where I wore jeans but a black top with a slouchy sweater over it.

For me now, 33 weeks pregnant, styling my clothing is hard. But when I know I have 3 or so pairs of good jeans, man does it feel good!! Are you with me? Sometimes, all my outfit needs is a good fitting pair of jeans — the kind that make you feel good wearing them — and I am set! Luckily, I have a few great pairs this pregnancy. Last time, that wasn’t the case! haha :)

My biggest suggestion when trying to style your jeans is to think of the event you’re going to.

Is it a play date? Wear some comfy jeans that you can bend and move in.

Is it a date with your special someone? Wear those jeans that make you feel like a million bucks! I have a pair (that I can’t wear right now) that make me feel so supermodel-esque that I was wearing them every day! haha

Just remember these few tips and you’re golden:
- Dark wash jeans are more appropriate for a fancier event (dinner, bridal shower, etc.)

- Light wash jeans are more appropriate for something you’re dressing down for (play date, errands, etc.)

- When wearing heels with your jeans, don’t be the High-Water Queen!! Make sure your jean hem is at least 2 inches from the floor. Any higher and you risk looking like your jeans don’t fit properly. If you can’t do this, maybe choose a lower heel or a pair of sparkly flats for your occasion :)

- No one likes a muffin-top. I don’t care your size, everyone is capable of this! Even the skinniest person. When your jeans are too tight, you create a “spill-over” effect where your…ahem…extra comes out of your pants in a major love-handle type situation. You can still look and feel beautiful in jeans that actually fit you. Really, if you have to go up a size for them to not do this, who cares?! No one knows what size jeans you’re wearing — but when you look good in jeans that fit you, you’ll feel better about yourself and your wardrobe.

- Remember, the older you get, the less appropriate large tears and stains are on your jeans. My sister had a pair of jeans that she wasn’t sure about — with two large tears on her thighs that stretched all the way down to her knees. After a few wears, she decided the jeans were a bit young for her. Just remember that lots of embellishment, tears, intentional staining, paint splashes, etc. — those tend to look more trashy than trendy on a person as she gets older. Just stick to regular jeans in different fits and washes and you’ll look GREAT. :)

Something I have to remember sometimes is that even if something looks good on someone else, it might not look good on me. Super skinny jeans that are practically sprayed on…these are not flattering on me. But for my friends with a smaller waist or long legs, these look great on them. Doesn’t mean I don’t look good, just means that I need to pick what flatters my body rather than trying to pull off something I probably shouldn’t. My absolute favorite pair of jeans would be a dark wash with a semi-low rise (mama here ;) and boot cut bottom. Since I am a shortie, they would also be tailored to my height as well :)

I hope this was informative for you! Never thought there was so much to wearing jeans, did you? haha :) What is your favorite way to style your jeans? Favorite type of jeans? Let me know in the comment section below! :) Happy Tuesday, friends!

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