Straight vs. Squiggly

These past couple of weeks have been hard. Reeeeeally hard. Actually the past two months or so. I’ve been busier than I have ever been. Working harder than I have in a long time. It feels good, but has also been a roller coaster.
I’ve gotten some amazing opportunities and simply am in AWE that the Lord would choose to bless me the way He has recently! By the time this month ends, I will have designed and installed FOUR blogs.
I designed a logo for a photographer and will be working on my own new blog in the coming months as well. I haven’t even been advertising myself as a web and blog designer yet! How amazing it is when the Lord continues to confirm to you the desires of your heart. I have found that so far, the opportunities, things I have worked on, and goals that I have set for myself have stretched me and challenged me in so many ways. Sometimes it wasn’t fun, and I am positive that this is just the beginning.
Often times, we hear a cool story from someone that opened an Etsy shop and her business exploded or someone who “just started blogging” and it seems the people flocked to them like moths to a flame. And there is the temptation for us to compare. Shouldn’t I be popular too? I’m nice! I’m fun! I have friends! I have funny things to say! But most of the time, this isn’t enough. Sure, it may look like that cute-as-a-button blogger or shop owner was successful overnight, but talk to them and I guarantee that they had to work hard for where they are too.

With all that I have been learning about myself, my business, and where I want to be with web designing in the future, I would MUCH rather take the squiggly path than the easy straight one. I have come across situations already this past month that have really helped me to think about how I want to run my own business. I have continued to learn the value of hard work. There is nothing like staying up until 2am working hard on a blog install trying to fix some snafu and FINALLY figuring it out! There is nothing like being able to say that you did it. There is nothing like taking a step back from a finished product and admiring your hard work. Thanking the Lord for your talents that He has gifted you with (and the energy to keep going! lol).
I want to always acknowledge that the Lord is the center of what I do. I pray for each design project. I pray for vision, clarity on the client’s desires, and for the Lord to guide my eyes and hands. I pray that communication is clear, that I can create what is imagined, and that we have fun doing it! I don’t believe that I will ever be successful if I don’t allow the Lord to guide what I do. If I don’t allow Him — no invite Him — in. He is the reason I can do it and knows what is the best path for me to take!
I know I can rely on His strength and peace when times get rough. I know He can provide me with endurance to keep going. It has been an amazing ride. I can’t wait to share more with you. :)