finally dishing the details!!!

This has been LONG awaited! I’ve been trying to busy myself with other blogging things, but as I said in several posts, the desire to share my heart with y’all has been overwhelming! Posts like this one have been my heart trying to leak out what I’ve really been thinking. It really has been overwhelming at times to not even have my outlet as an outlet! lol ;) But here I am, permitted and ready to share some deets with you!

As many of you may know, a little over a year ago, my husband, Joseph, and I moved from our hometown of Phoenix, Az (born and raised!) to Dallas, Tx. If you don’t know the story, you can read it here.

Anyway, I know a lot of you have heard this story several times over, so I will get to the point ;) WE’RE MOVING BACK!! :) Over the last several months, Joseph and I have been diligently praying over returning home. Our desires for our families to be around our children, for me to have my support system back (especially now w/baby #2 on the way), to be involved in ministry (we even felt a tug on our hearts to a specific church), and several other factors caused us to persistently go to the Lord in heart-filled (often begging) prayer for His mercy on us.

At first, my prayers reflected my hurt, my need to go home. But as time went on, I began to also pray for Him to provide me with his overwhelming and supernatural peace if He chose for us to remain in Dallas. This was a hard prayer. But for my own sanity, I needed to pray it. There is nothing like building up an idea/prayer in your mind to the point that you are just waiting for God to say, “Yes,” rather than really praying for His answer. I also prayed for Joseph. He had always been the “we’re here for a reason” part of our journey, so really, in the beginning, it was me praying for the Lord to move us back. I began to include him in my prayers – that the Lord would change his heart if it was God’s desire to move us home.

So I prayed….and prayed and prayed and prayed. My prayer journal is literally filled with pages and pages of my heart pouring out to the Lord over it. Some days, my prayers were several pages long. Other days, in moments of exhausted desperation, my prayers were simply one or two sentences. After a while, the Lord began to turn Joseph’s heart, and he began to pray with me to return home. Sometimes, I felt he was more passionate about it than I was! But we both just begged God – for Him to reveal to our hearts His desire for our family.

There is something so liberating and also SO hard about praying and leaving the answer truly up to God. But we knew that His plan is perfect. Better than ours.

So, a few months ago, an opportunity began to unfold for us to return home. This part I cannot share. Call it business politics, but I cannot reveal where Joseph will be working or any details about that yet until all the final details have been ironed out. Just know that Joseph has a job and its good. :) {UPDATE: We are at liberty now to share – my husband’s current employer will be transferring him to a new position in Phoenix :)}

This opportunity kept us waiting many times. A meeting with one person one day, then 5 days wait until the next meeting. There was one point that we had to wait almost 4 weeks until the next time we would hear anything. It was excruciating having to wait through all those times. But we kept praying. In moments of excitement, I would silently pray that the Lord would guard my heart and protect it should this opportunity fall through. With some final details still needing to be discussed, my heart and mind are still daily tempted to worry and fret. But I have to remember that the Lord is in control.

We know enough details to know when we will be leaving Texas and all of that though! With the generous help of my parents, I will be flying home with my sweet pea in just three short weeks!! Joseph and some family will be pulling out with the moving truck the next morning. We are so BEYOND excited for all of this to be finally happening.

It will be a year and 4 months to the date of our leave when I arrive back in Arizona. I will be having our baby in Arizona. We will get to celebrate two important family weddings this spring – weddings we thought we would have to miss. We will get family back, babysitters ;), friends, MINISTRY, and everything. Praise ONLY for the LORD and His mercy and love for us in giving us the desires of our hearts.

With our knowledge that the Lord hears us and answers our prayers, we are in diligent praying mode still because of the finances of moving. It is NOT cheap to move 1,100 miles across three states! Since we began praying, we have been working hard to pay down some debts and save money for the move. Unfortunately, life happens (as it so often does when other important things are happening) and some of our savings had to be used for other family needs. Right now, I am working hard to sell things in our home we don’t need, do blog design and such, write sponsored blog posts, and more just to raise enough to move. It has been very slow going though, and we are still in need.

I feel a little weird about telling you how much we need, so I won’t. I will allow the Lord to work in your heart if you should feel led to help. Every little dollar helps! I just added $1.40 to my moving jar yesterday. ;) And it felt good to be making steps, even teensy-tiny ones. If you would like to help, here are some ways you can:

  • Donate – There is a Paypal button to your left that you can click and donate whatever you feel led to…any amount helps, even a dollar! ;) The Lord loves the cheerful giver, so any gift given is blessed, regardless of the amount :) (Paypal is a safe and secure way to donate funds online.)
  • Purchase from my shop – This is a way that you get something while also supporting us. :) I have plenty of fun and adorable items left, and you can help by cleaning me out! :) Just click here to visit the shop.
  • Purchase from Silpada –  A super generous friend of mine is offering me a portion of the profit from an online jewelry party. All you have to do is email me to attend the “party,” make a purchase, and know that a large portion of the profit from your sale will be donated to us. :)
This is something so very important to us. We feel the Lord is leading us in this direction and has shown us time and time again that the doors are opening. We know He will provide and may be calling some of you to be vessels to provide for us. We don’t want to pressure you, but we do want to ask that you pray about it. I don’t know what the Lord will do, but I do know that He is good! And that when a person gives, the Lord not only uses that gift to bless the receiver, but He ALWAYS blesses the giver as well :)

I’m off to work on some blog design projects that I have been blessed to receive!! :) Hope you have a WONDERFUL Monday!! :)