blogger and wordpress – the switch

Okay, so I am making the plunge! If you have been following my new year aspirations and goals, you’ll know that I am pursuing a small business in web design. Soon after Christmas, I announced my plans and shared with you my dream. Recently, I shared with you my excitement and how I felt the Lord was confirming my decision to move forward with this dream and how I was taking classes. I also shared a sneak peek of my logo, shared a blog design for sale (which is still for sale), and my plans on how to make my small business count. It has been a big month for me, and I cannot believe all I have learned, discovered, and the things to come!!

I’m sure you all who blog know the constant comparison between Blogger and WordPress. Which is better? Which is easier? When I started blogging, I started on Blogger since I had no idea this was going to go the direction it has and it was just a personal blog at first, as is the story of most bloggers. Now that I have grown and am making plans to grow more, I have decided to make the big switch over! I have my very own self-hosted WordPress site (opening soon)! But since I will be opening a blog and web design studio, I wanted to know how to do it. People advise to hire someone to migrate you, but I decided I was going to figure it all out myself. Yes, crazy.

But figure it out I have, and now that I know, it really isn’t that hard! So, I wanted to give you a little sneak peek of my layout and color scheme. I am so excited, I just can’t hold it in. :)


Color palette {from a site I LOVE: design seeds}:
AHH! I am so excited :) Do you like? I also want to share some timeline goals and plans with you as well! This year is a big year for my family. LOTS of things are happening for us and yet I can’t share!! I even mentioned it in this tweet earlier. So I will share that sometime next week {can you believe next week will be the start of February?!?!}.
My new web and blog design studio will be called erin lauray studio. Don’t try looking up my new WordPress site. {I mean, you can if you wanted to…there is a countdown and everything!} :) But here are some happenin’s in the erinLauray universe:
  • Finishing blog design classes and will be “graduating” next week
  • Working on an amazing project with a well-known blogger I admire (to be completed by the end of February)
  • Working on a new blog layout and logo for a photographer friend (to be completed in February as well)
  • Something BIG happening at end of February (to be announced!)
  • Working on building my portfolio throughout March, building a photo site for my photography sister
  • Another BIG thing happening at the end of March
  • Having a BABY some time in April!
  • erin lauray studio opening June 1st :)

I have to say I am pretty stinkin excited about all this!! A dream come true for me, for sure! Here are some fun services I will be offering in my studio:
  • Blogger layouts {custom and premade}
  • WordPress layouts {custom and premade}
  • Logo design
  • Scripture prints
  • Other printables
  • Blogger to WordPress migration {eventually}
There will be more as my business expands and I become comfortable with the time spent on each project. I am so excited!! Even though the shop won’t be opening for another 5 months :) If you’re interested in working with me in the interim {building my portfolio stage}, please contact me! I would love to hear what your needs are and possibly consider working with you before the open! :) If you are interested in services once I get my site and business open, please don’t hesitate to keep my name in your mind, pin my site, or even shoot me an email if you want. I’d love to hear from you! Just email me at erin{at}erinlauraystudio{dot}com

Well, friends, that is all for today!!