Sneak Peek

Remember when I told y’all about my new “adventure“? ;) Web design is something I have come to be passionate about and truly love. Literally hours could slip by while I am designing on the computer, I think about it all day, get inspiration here and there, I just simply love it.

Well, I have started my web design classes and they are SO much fun! I really am enjoying learning things that I didn’t know about the design process and designing itself. And I am giddy with excitement to learn HTML & CSS. But anyway…lol…I am just excited :) heehee

I know its a tease, but I wanted to show you a glimpse, a snip, of what I have designed for my logo. Its bright, its girly, but also professional. I love it so much I want to show it all to you, but I won’t. I don’t want to reveal it until my new site is up and running. :) Yippeeeee! Here is the sneak:

Do you love what you seeeee?!?! lol, can you tell I am over the moon about it?! Anyway, stay tuned for more because its gonna be gooooood!