Food allergies and needing help…

So yesterday I grocery shopped and was super excited about the fact that I basically skipped all my splurges in the store and just got what we needed…what was on the list! lol – no extra snacks, just the pre-planned ones, no Doritos, cookies, etc.

Last night, I raved to my husband about all the healthy (healthier) things I had picked up and how I resisted temptation. My meal plan included healthy dinners and by golly, I was determined to do just that! (While also saving a little money…we’re trying to pay our credit card down – which is already a pretty low balance considering the national average – and so skipping my usual splurges helped slash our grocery bill – down to $48 this week! Okay…rabbit trail…back on track…)

While snacking on roasted, dried edamame, I made pan-fried tofu with garlic sauteed kale over quinoa for dinner. It was DEE-LICIOUS! My husband loved it, heck, even my toddler had a couple of bites. I have had all three of these ingredients several times and pretty regularly…except the tofu. I eat tofu probably more than the average person – I order it in restaurants, make it at home occasionally, etc. – but it is not a regular part of my diet. Rewind to college when I worked at Starbucks. I would get some drinks with soy milk because I liked the taste combined with the flavors and coffee. It always gave me a teeny-tiny case of heartburn and my throat would feel a teensy-bit itchy. Not enough to swell, make me feel uncomfortable or anything, just enough to notice after it happened a few times. I did once suspect a food allergy there, but brushed it off after leaving Starbucks since I probably wouldn’t be getting soy milk as often.

Okay fast forward back to today. Or last night really. About an hour or so after dinner, I started getting crampy pains in my stomach (don’t worry…it was totally not baby related…and a warning here too that it may get to be a little TMI for you who care). Kind of like gas pains but also just an upset stomach. I figured I had eaten too fast or something. My husband was out playing basketball with the boys, so I just lay down on the couch and start reading to relax. But as I lie there, it starts to get worse. Thinking it is just gas, I shift positions. Lying, sitting, standing, crouching, and reclining all do not work. I am uncomfortable, now in a lot of pain, and wondering what the heck happened? (For my gluten-free pals, I checked everything and made sure I wasn’t “glutened” and everything was fine, so I ruled that out.)

Since a shower always calms my body when I’m not feeling well, I opt for one. I’m in there for like an entire hour and feel a little better. But as soon as that warm water stops flowing over me and I step out, the pain returns in full force. I groan and quickly dress in my pajamas and slide into bed. I try reading some more to distract myself from the war that my intestines are having with whatever is bothering it, but it just gets progressively worse. So I try to fall asleep, hoping when I wake that it will all be gone. I wake about a half hour later to my husband getting home and he is instantly concerned. At this point, I feel like I am going to be sick on top of all the distress my body is in. He goes in to shower, and luckily I fall asleep again. Unfortunately, about an hour after that, I wake up again. The pain isn’t going away at all!

I can hear the huge bubbles moving around inside me, can feel the pressure of my intestines pushing up on my ribcage, and wonder if I had an allergic reaction to something. I toss and turn, pray hard that my body gets rid of whatever is causing me so much pain, and finally drift off to sleep again. I toss and turn all night, wake occasionally, but luckily, I wake this morning and my body is finally at peace. Stomach a little sensitive and I’m a smidgen bloated, but otherwise I am fine.

Does anyone see the pattern here?


SOY. I had snacked on edamame before dinner, eaten a good portion size of it at dinner, and got immediate reaction once my food hit my digestive system. For anyone with food allergies, does this sound right to you? I am not 100% sure, as I don’t have a family doctor right now, and my usual one that I trust lives 1,100 miles away.

So the reason I am writing this post is to ask your help! If you have a food allergy or sensitivity, would you help me piece this puzzle together? Do you think it was the soy? I have kale all the time, eat quinoa all the time, but only have tofu occasionally. Anyway, for now, I am tossing my other package of tofu and staying away from it!!! I don’t EVER want to feel like that again!!! And of course, since I am pregnant, I don’t want to cause any harm to myself or the baby either.

Anyone have any advice? personal story?


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    Hey Erin! This same thing happened to me after eating quite a few sugar snap peas. I called my mom because I was seriously worried. She said that it was really bad indigestion and could have been fiber related. I can still eat sugar snap peas but in moderation. Good luck!