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“Mama, SNACK!!” says the toddler who just ate a massive breakfast. Sound familiar? lol – yesterday morning, my daughter ate an entire (child-size) bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, a whole wheat waffle with peanut butter, and a sippy cup of orange juice. She was all done and I got her down from her highchair and was walking her dishes to the kitchen and hear, “Mommy, I’m HUNGRY!” Whaaaa????? Some days I want to rip my hair out after my girl asks me for the 115th time for a snack. My child is an eater! She will be two years old in a month and weighs only 24 pounds and is a SKINNY-MINNIE! lol :) You would never guess by how she looks that she is a non-stop eater. If it weren’t for the fact that toddlers tend to live off of snacks, I would wonder…

BUT, since she is always snacking and constantly says she is hungry, I began to become exasperated. I was done with only being able to go 20-30 minutes TOPS before she asked for food again. And since she tends to be a picky eater, each snack could not be served twice in one day. Once I used an idea, she wouldn’t eat it again that day. SO frustrating! And sometimes she just doesn’t seem to know what she wants. (Even just now, I made her lunch because she said she was hungry and its lunchtime – genius – and she pulled her peanut butter and jelly sandwich apart, ripped it to pieces, made a mess, and said, “All done!” She had peanut butter and jelly all over her face, in her nose, and her eyebrow. Oi. Maybe she isn’t hungry but bored…)
I’ve been seeing these images on Pinterest about a fridge snack station and pantry snack station:
So I was intrigued. Something fast? Something easy? Be still my mommy heart! So, when I went grocery shopping on Monday, I made sure to pick up some more veggies and stuff to stock up my snack stations. If she’s going to constantly eat, maybe I can make it easier on myself.

 First, I pulled out everything I had and had purchased for my pantry snack station. I have cheerios, pretzels, crackers, raisins, granola bars, apple sauce, and a few cookies. I bagged serving sizes of cheerios and pretzels in sandwich baggies to save time in the future as well! I found a small box that had no top and used this to hold all the goodies. I also used a tupperware inside the box to help keep things separated and not falling all over the place. Here is my pantry snack station:

I was SO excited..which helped motivate me to keep going. SO…on to the fridge snack station! My daughter doesn’t really like veggies (my fault for not introducing them FIRST before fruit! lol), so those may just get eaten by me after trying to get her to eat them. ;) I got out a bag of grapes, celery, baby carrots, a red bell pepper, an orange, blackberries, blueberries, and string cheese. (Don’t mind the container of donuts in the background. It was a weak moment ;)

I bagged up the carrots, chopped the bell pepper and bagged it, chopped the celery and bagged it, and washed all the fruit and bagged those as well. Since I didn’t want to completely exhaust my supply of sandwich baggies, I just bagged all the fruit and figured I could grab and re-rinse anything as needed. I placed all these things in a large casserole dish (don’t worry, I have another! ;) and placed this on the lowest level in the fridge. Here is part of my fridge snack station:

I also hard boiled a carton of eggs for snacking and made a batch of banana nut muffins that I also placed in a big zip bag in the fridge. So NOW I have MANY options! Hopefully this will work with my little girl ;)

As I mentioned in my 2012 Goal List, I want to make sure to eat mindfully. Drinking green smoothies will help, but also making sure to get proteins, fruits, and veggies as a majority of what I am eating is a goal of mine and one I have for my family as well. I don’t want to expect that these snack stations will make everything so much easier, because lets be real…sometimes the bag of unhealthy chips calls our name. Sometimes the “oops” rack at Walmart screams for us to buy that box of donuts from the bakery. (raises hand) And I don’t think these things are really that bad.
But remembering that I have to re-stock and keep disciplined about these healthy snacking stations is also my responsibility!! What are some ways you’re setting yourself up for success in your eating habits this year? How do you handle snack time with your young children?
Have a great Wednesday!
xoxo – erin


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    I SO need to do this!!!!!!!! My problem is I buy the snacks for the kids..fruits, veggies..and then forget about them and they go bad:) going to preslicd everything like you’ve done! Genius!!!