Happy Christmas and an Update…

Hello friends! Hope you’re super amped for this weekend!! I know I am!! ;) Christmas Eve is TOMORROW and Christmas is the DAY AFTER!! ahhh!!

I am so excited! So I just wanted to say…

and I hope your weekend is full of blessings, love, family, food, and remembering what this time of year is all about ;)

Also, as you know, I closed the shop for the holiday, and I wanted to give an update about that. In discovering who and what I want to be in this vast blog and shop world, reading posts about being uniquely you and not a copy, finding what you truly LOVE and doing it, etc., I have found that there are things I want to change. Things I want to be and things I don’t want to be. I think the end of the year is THE perfect time to reevaluate and examine…especially in light of New Years resolutions and things like that. I think many resolutions are made without preparation to set oneself up for success throughout the year..but anyway…

Armed with my new Erin Condren life planner, my business notebook, and some quiet time, I am going to be really thinking about what I want to do. I know I love blogging…thats a no-brainer! So that won’t change. But what do I want to dooooo ? I’ve been praying a LOT lately about something that has been on my heart for about a year now.

I truly love blog design; I really love creating; if I could carry my computer in my pocket and have it with me ALWAYS, I would. If I could have a home office where I could just sit and dream, I’d love that. A comfy chair, hot cup of tea, the sun streaming in the windows, and just me and some photo-editing software….

Okay…I’m trailing…lol…

I really love to design headers, buttons, blogs, etc. Its something I have had a passion for but never really thought much about. I mean, I have a blog, love to design it, the end, right? In some cases, yes. In my case? Maybe not the end.

In the midst of my praying for this specific endeavor off and on for the past year, I got one of those continuing education mailers in the mail. You know, the catalog ones that list all the classes you can take? Well, I flipped through it since I am a school addict {you laugh but its TRUE! heehee} and my eyes set on a few different class titles. Things like “Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses,” HTML, CSS, Website Development popped off the page. I even whipped out my highlighter and highlighted some.

Friends, here it is…web design and blog design have been something I truly love doing. For those of you reading for this past year, I’ve changed my blog theme and look a jillion times! Have I not?! Its something I have a passion for. I looked into it before and must have searched the wrong terms because I came up with pretty much nothing. In the end of that search, I basically assumed I needed a ton of education and lots of experience to do what I pretty much was already doing…designing blogs.

Maybe it was the Lord and His timing. But my search recently has come up with a far easier solution. I can get a certificate in web design from a local school for about $3000 and design little things here and there to put in my shop {things like Etsy shop banners, blog headers, easy stuff} as I learn more and more. Before I jump into classes, I can test my passion by listing and doing what I love. Since it doesn’t take anything but time, I have nothing to lose!

Could I ask that you pray for me? Pray that the Lord provides financially {since I don’t have $3000}, that he provides clarity and peace for the direction I am to go, and that I would just be calm in the midst of all this? Right now, I am just praying about it and knowing the Lord will show me what he wants. But, there are times that I get into control-freak, organized-planner mode and try and make things happen. And that’s no good. So your prayers would be appreciated.

{UPDATE} I wrote this blog post yesterday afternoon and started praying. I fell asleep for a much needed nap and when I woke up, it was like the Lord had placed on my heart a peace and “go ahead” with the whole idea…but the finances, Lord, what about those? So I did some research and found a handful of ecourses offered online through a reputable blog design network. The courses would teach me what I need to know to move forward with this and provide me with the knowledge to do what I love! I had a small amount of money left for education expenses, but nothing that would have covered anywhere near my original thought of $3000. Well, these ecourses ended up totaling a mere 1/17th of that original amount! Less than $200! Totally had that set aside in education funds ;) I am so excited – OVER THE MOON really. :) Funny how the Lord can and does answer prayer REALLY fast sometimes :)

I know this was a semi-boring blog post, but I needed to get this out since I am quite excited about it and have really been thinking about it a lot. Aside from the blog design that I won a couple months ago, all the designs {and this current one} have been done by me. I’ve come to love it SO much! That is what I am going to be doing this next week, praying about this, praying about next year, praying…praying…PRAYING! ;) Won’t you join me? {Anything I can pray for you for?}

Thanks for your prayers!

xoxo – erin

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