Mancub Update

Well, today I am officially 22 weeks. I might have mentioned in a previous post that I was already 22 weeks, but I was wrong. Funny how with pregnancies after your first, you’re not so obsessed! I don’t keep track of my weeks, take as many belly shots, etc. Ooopsie! So here is an official update, complete with some belly shots for you and some stats on our little man cub :)
Looking like a basketball! :) Which I heard is typical of pregnant bellies carrying boys. I gained ALL over with my daughter – so I looked more like a marshmallow puff than a firm round basketball ;) heehee
Little dude {yet to be named…blame my hubby ;)} stats:
Measuring about a foot long and almost 1 pound
Has eyebrows {wow!}
Looks like a fully formed miniature person, just really wrinkly and needs more fat ;)
Practicing breathing motions starts this week which means hiccups!!
His lips are becoming more formed and is even developing little tooth buds in his gums!
Eyes are fully developed but lack pigment
I am so excited to meet my little man ;) I can’t wait to see what he looks like, what his personality is like, how my daughter will react to him, and everything that comes with a newborn. :)
Some updates about me…I am feeling increasingly uncomfortable. There is not a moment where I don’t feel an ache somewhere in my body. I am very tired still as well. Like lack the energy to get up off the couch tired. Unfortunately  this does not work having a toddler ;) Most days, I am RAVISHINGLY hungry, haha, and have had to fight some pretty strong cravings to eat junk. I have started eating healthier to curb extra weight gain and hope that my new eating habits will help to satiate my desire to eat myself out of house and home ;) Not likely, but a girl can hope, right?! ;)
On a more positive note, I am still stretch mark free in the belly area…hoping it will stay this way since I didn’t get any on my belly with my first, and hope that luck will allow me to sidestep that side-effect of pregnancy this time too ;) I have them in other places though – my hips and thighs were wrecked with my first pregnancy. Some stretch marks are so deep that they look like surgery scars. But, I am not one to wear booty shorts, so I guess it doesn’t matter ;) I also started this pregnancy out 20 pounds lighter than I was at the start of my first pregnancy, so I know that helps in the stretch mark area. I also feel more confident this pregnancy because I started out at my everyday goal weight. I plan to reach that weight again after this one :)
I am also getting more and more excited about this baby being a boy. The fear has gone and just left behind a small anxiety for the unknown. No fear of boys anymore though. :) I am pinning boy tutorials and boy nursery things like crazy!! I can’t wait to get started on my craft list after the holidays. Its going to be so fun! It has also been such a blast to see Jael’s reaction to my growing belly. She offers hugs and kisses to her “liddle bruh-dur” every so often and even colored a picture for him the other day. She has been talking about her new role as big sister a lot too! ;) Its so cute!! And to attempt to curb some regression to baby behaviors when the new baby arrives, we have been really encouraging the “big girl” in her. She even has stopped calling herself the baby and now refers to her baby brother as baby and herself as big girl. Its so sweet. We talk about how big girls eat with a spoon and their own bowl and drink from a cup. How big girls get to walk with mommy and daddy and babies have to be held {she hates being carried if she can walk!}. She’s been taking it pretty seriously. :)
Its been so fun to dream of our family of four. I can’t believe its happening, but its so exciting! I can’t wait!
xoxo – erin