Mommy Diary – The Potty

So, I have been excited for and dreading the milestone of potty training. My daughter has gone peepee in her “Princess Potty” {a Disney princess potty that makes twinkly wand sounds ;)} a couple of times but never consistently. Sometimes she’s scared of it, sometimes she wants to sit on it all day long, sometimes she just wants to look at the princesses and say, “Mama!! Wook! Pin-cessssss!!” ;) But quite honestly, I haven’t really taken it seriously. {insert sheepish mommy smile here}

Well, since she has been somewhat interested, I have just been following her lead. I haven’t used the Pull-Ups yet because Jael is a skinny-minnie and is way too small for them still. So I just undo her diaper instead. Which is such a feat!! ;) When she wants to “go,” she walks up to me and says, “Mama, Pin-cess potty,” so I take her to the potty and she sits on it and smiles. But doesn’t go. I’m thinking that at least she is interested in sitting on it. And if she pees once or twice, its a start. Until yesterday….when my little teeny little princess pooped in the potty. And I don’t just mean some cute little ball…she laid it out. {I know, gross, but mommy and poop talk is regular in this house ;) } And I thought, “How did that come out of such a little person???” haha

So anyway, now I feel even more inclined to really take potty training seriously, but I am SO scared. I already feel like I am running ragged by the end of the day after running after her and caring for her every need. Now add on top of that crouching my pregnant self down onto the bathroom floor to help her go potty {or not}, re-diapering her, cleaning up…that sounds like a looooong day.

But I don’t want Jael to miss out on learning how to use the toilet. I mean, lets be honest, having to only diaper my newborn and not two kids would be such a blessing!! But as it always will be with my firstborn, I am doing everything for the first time.

SO….I am recruiting you mamas out there…I need you!! I would love to hear your wonderful guidance on the subject!! What advice for potty training do you have? Tips? Suggestions? Major dos and don’ts? :) Help a mama out! ;)