Baby Update!!

Okay, sorry I didn’t update yesterday!! We were so excited about the baby and had some other fun things pop up that I completely forgot to update! So here is a small, not really highly informational update…
My scanner is not working right now, so here is a pic of the pic! ;)
Baby is measuring big, so even though they dated me, it is still possible they could change my due date in the future…this mommy does NOT want to deliver anything bigger than a 7lb baby! lol
I am with a new doctor now, I have had an appointment with another office, but they turned out to be expensive and the office wasn’t super friendly, so I decided to change. I LOVE my new doctor and office. They are all SOOOOO nice! :) 
My due date is April 13, 2012! :)
Baby’s heartbeat was a strong and steady 160 bpm.
In between my visit with the “old” office and my new one, I have not gained any weight, so that is good news! For some reason, I was terrified that I would already start gaining since I have looked and felt SO bloated! But there was only a .3 pound difference, so that’s good! :)
And the sono tech said that as far as she saw, there was only one baby. However, my doctor said that it was somehow still possible that someone could be hiding! lol – heres to hoping for just one! If we got two, it would be a blessing, but the Lord would definitely have to provide some things! haha
Anyway, we are so beyond excited! Its funny, I was telling my hubby yesterday that seeing the little bouncing bean {and heartbeat} made everything SO REAL. Not that these icky symptoms have not let me know without a shadow of a doubt that I am pregnant…but seeing the baby and hearing the doctor’s enthusiasm over how glad he was that everything looked so wonderful, healthy, and perfect…
hahaha ;) Now that we’ve seen the baby, the extreme, debilitating nausea and headaches seem to have more purpose! Like there really is something in there that we’re workin for! And that is so exciting! :)
I don’t know how I would’ve survived in the days without sonograms and techs telling you the gender! haha :) Anyway, I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to stop by my other post to enter to win a Pretty Little Bloom Ring!! :)