The Mommy Diary

Good day, friends :)
This has been the busiest 6 days I have had in a long time!
My husband’s family is in town to visit and we have been go-go-going every day since they got here this past Wednesday. I have loved most every minute of it {Jael is also teething and cranky from the lack of naps – those moments? notsomuch}. One thing that has surprised me {in a good way!} about their visit is what it has done to my marriage.
My husband has been my all for the past 8 months. Not in a “you complete me” kind of way ;) but in a “I don’t have any friends or social interaction and need you to be daddy-husband-girlfriend for me right now” kind of way. Since moving to the Dallas area, I have had a hard time connecting with new friends. I have tried countless playgroups and FINALLY found one that I can actually meet people {previous attempts to visit playgroups always resulted in me missing them somehow and attending the event alone}..but that was only last Wednesday! I have gone this long without making any really deep connections…sister-like connections with people. I have met some very awesome people, some that I am honored to call friend {home group – woop woop!}…but I have been relying on my husband to be that “girlfriend” role for me.
Needless to say, it hasn’t worked.
It has been a pretty heavy strain on us…being totally honest here…we’ve argued more {which is different than fighting}, I’ve been nit-picky, critical, and irritable. :( Not too fun for the hubbs. But since his family has been here, and we’ve gotten our social buckets filled by people other than each other, we are able to appreciate one another more for the role that we are: husband and wife. We’ve had so much fun with each other! :) And I pray that this is the start to better things.
Making friends with a group of moms at a playgroup {visit!} and having people to chat with and share life with has made all the difference in my relationship with my hubby. It makes me feel all the more the benefit of meeting together for encouragement {Heb. 10:25}. I can only hope that someday I can be that encouraging face and voice for someone who has gone through something similar to me.
We still have more family visits to look forward to {we have three more visits from different family members in the next 6 months!} but this one has sure taught me a lot. :)
*p.s. I might be moving my shop open date back…I just want it to be perfect before I officially open! More details to come..*